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Content PDF Cover PDF. Front Cover of Kizumonogatari Anyway, I really, really want the monogatari light novels, I love the series, adore it, and was. Monogatari Series Monogatari Series - / Chapters List Monogatari Series Monogatari Series - Bakemonogatari - volpdf · up. Don't know about reading them online, but the light novels are available on The books that were translated were Bakemonogatari and Kizumonogatari. I've never seen a PDF of the actual novels floating online, though.

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Kizumonogatari Light Novel Pdf

Kizumonogatari. Bakemonogatari – Part One. Bakemonogatari – Part Two. Bakemonogatari – Part Three. Nisemonogatari – Part One. 3: Kizumonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari, 8: Kabukimonogatari, 9: download Monogatari Series [LN] epub pdf free. Monogatari Series - Bakemonogatari - volpdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for light novel. Before the Kizu Monogatari.

Senjougahara Hitagi was widely known to be a sickly girl; so it is not surprising that she would be exempt from physical education classes. Even during morning assemblies, she would sit in the shade because of her anemia. Many of my classmates joke that the hospital is her home. Even though she's sick, she's far from insubstantial. As if she was as thin as a thread, she gives off the impression that she would break at the slightest touch. For that reason, perhaps, the boys in our class half-joked that she might be the heiress to some big company. It seemed almost plausible.

Not having a dad means having to learn sports by yourself and having to learn about girls by yourself.

Guide For Finding Light Novels: Both Raw and Translated - Forums -

Sure his mom is amazing, but she has a child to raise on her own and a career as a novelist to balance. So Natsuru has to look up to his teachers and coaches for direction.

Sadly his soccer coach has left the team, his health has become a factor. And Natsuru is beginning to dread his summer, until he met Rio.

KizuMonogatari Novel

Now his life is tough, but Rio lives alone with her younger brother. Her life is a constant struggle.

Well this summer, their break will be different! It will be fun, exciting…eye-opening. A summer that might drive Natsuru to meet his goals as a soccer player! Unfortunately for them, they may have to engage in this war to end all wars without their talisman — Tsumugi.

With freedom within their grasp, will the Sidonia be able to live through this for the future of mankind? Or will Tanikaze and his colleagues suffer through another millennia of searching? Ninja Slayer returns this month without much Ninja Slayer!

The story is nothing more nothing less than your average rewrite of Campbell's monomyth, where one plain read 'boring' or 'made just for self-insert' character is thrown into the world of fantasy and mysteries by a series of not-so-coincidences, he has to fight the villains to retrieve the magical item, there is the old sage aiding him at every turn so he doesn't get himself killed, the damsel in distress, the final boss, the moral and a few predictable twists.

I often heard Nisio being revered as an unusual author, who plays a lot with puns, wording and crush stereotypes, and admittedly he does this in the Zaregoto series sometimes, whereas Kizumonogatari shows the understanding of its own genre just as much Snyder's Superman shows an understanding of what made Nolan's Batman so fresh and innovative for superhero movies.

Being mostly a character-driven novel it's hard to talk about the plot without considering the cast, but in this case it only furtherly proves how little thought was put into the story to begin with. Our protagonist is presented as apathetic, isolated, cynical but, in truth, deeply scared of human interactions, which would have been for a much interesting albeit hardly orginal characterization, if explored well.

Monogatari Series [LN]

Instead Nisio is only able to copy your everyday Ikari Shinji 13k from Neon Genesis Evangelion, which isn't really a hard feat in itself considering how many authors already stole the character before him, yet while mimicking what young readers could relate better to, he failed to reproduce the insightful background that made Shinji a complex human character to begin with.

So what we are left with is Ararargi Koyomi, whose main feature is behaving in a completely random fashion and contradicting himself, being at the same time a cowardly self-deluding prick and a masterful warrior of the streets whose strategies only come second to Sun Tzu, despite never knowing anything about his enemies and acting on pure recklessness.

This lack of character is often times presented as deliberate but it doesn't make it any less ridiculous. From the beginning of the book we have our protagonist's encounter with the unknown, the dark not-so-secret world of vampires and oddities, in the form of a years old lady-vampire mutilated and on the verge of death, who requires the hero's blood to survive. And he, while contemplating how she's a monster, a killer, a beast from the beyond, decides, in spite of his aloof and 'average' personality, to sacrifice himself to save her.

Are you beginning to feel the Jesus Christ vibe here? Of course, whoever was lucky enough to read or study about the Christian religion knows that Jesus was that much of a selfless character because his father led him to redeem humanity, to cancel the original sin and grant us our return to the garden of Eden someday whilst Araragi is just a guy. Do we ever get to know why does he act that way, what are his motivations or who is he deep down? Nope, not once not ever, and considering this book is narrated in first-person from his viewpoint, it's amazing how little we get to know about him.

It is at some point explained that he love breasts, big breasts, while it's also implied he as an underwear fetish, and all of these are major plot points, believe me. Our side character, Hanekawa Tsubasa, doesn't give much more credit to the credibility of the story: she's presented as a remarkable woman, a genius, the top student, a witty character and her main feature through the whole novel is having big breasts.

Monogatari Series [LN]

She's also the damsel in distress, which means her purpose might be summed up as being kidnapped, taken as a hostage and undressing for the protagonist I wish I was joking.

Surprise of the surprises, she's also devoid of character but who would have guessed that a female protagonist labeled by her breasts size and the pattern on her undies is actually nothing more than misogynistic pandering.

What a shock! Although, I have to admit at a certain point the author tried to give her some depth by having the character herself remarks how she's not that good of a person and has a hidden side which is, in fact, pretty awful. Danny says: March 19, at March 20, at March 20, at 1: Anton says: July 4, at 3: March 18, at 2: June 24, at 8: October 21, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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